Take lots of care, Manchester Veg People team
We hope you can understand that we have been inundated with requests at this time, so cannot reply individually to everyone. After the uncertain events that have unfolded, we are focusing all of our energy on the veg box scheme, and where we can, delivering veg and fruit in wholesale quantities particularly for keyworkers and where it is most needed right now.
The Veg Box Scheme is Veg Box People: www.vegboxpeople.org.uk. They aren't currently open for new orders but if you email them with your desired collection point they will put you on a waiting list - see the message on the website and their social media.

We are....

...a new concept in local food. We are a co-op of local organic veg growers and local food businesses working together in a unique way to supply quality, local produce to restaurants and caterers in Greater Manchester.

During the season a majority of our produce comes from within 50 miles of the city centre. Our growers are passionate and knowledgeable and together we give you access to the finest and freshest produce available locally.


Our growers understand that you need excellent produce and quality control is high on our agenda. We put real care and attention into everything we grow ensuring that only the very best produce reaches you.

We choose varieties for their taste, not just their look or yield. We grow organically so neither chemical sprays nor artificial fertilizers are used. Our food and the soil it is grown in are nurtured.

We love local...

We are a local business supplying only locally grown produce. When you buy from us, you'll know how far the veg has traveled to get to your plate

The fresher the veg the fuller the flavour, and with items picked to order from farms near to Manchester, we know you'll be impressed with the taste.


Buying from Manchester Veg People is as good as buying direct from the farm but without the hassle.

You can source produce from several farms through one central point. All the legwork is done for you, and you don't have to order by the box.


With MVP you don't just know where your veg comes from; you know exactly who grows it.

As a member of the co-op you'll get the chance to work closely with the growers and have input into what's grown. Buying from MVP also guarantees that you are buying product that is truly fair trade. Our veg growers are specialists and we acknowledge that skill and hard work with fair pay.


Manchester Veg People is a completely unique business.

We're a muti-stakeholder co-op with both growers and buyers as members, meaning that as a buyer you get to work closely with the growers and build a meaningful relationship. You can become involved in the co-op as much or as little as you'd like, but we encourage all our members to have their say in how we're run. That way you get to shape us into your ideal suppliers!


Be part of a fairer and more sustainable food system

We choose not to use chemical sprays or artificial fertilizers, the produce doesn't travel far and growing to order means there's less waste. We are Soil association certified for your peace of mind.

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If you'd like to talk to us about joining the co-op and getting your hands on the freshest, local veg in Manchester then get in touch.

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