Public Sector

Public Sector

Manchester Veg People work with a number of large public sector organisations across Greater Manchester such as Manchester University, Oldham Schools and the NHS.

Key Drivers for the Public Sector working with Manchester Veg People are:

  • To support the local SME market and use vegetables from local organic growers in Manchester,
  • To assist in working towards Food for Life catering mark,
  • To provide top quality ingredients in their food,
  • To work hand in hand with MVP and their food operations department to deliver fresh seasonal vegetables,
  • To work within budget,
  • To achieve sustainable public sector procurement.

Featured public sector client

Public Sector Client
University of Manchester – Food on Campus


Manchester University have been part of Manchester Veg People from the very start and have been instrumental in helping the co-op get off the ground. Food on Campus, buy veg from Manchester Veg People for their salad bars and for the soup that’s served in the cafes on the university campus.

University of Manchester – Food in Residence


The catered halls at the University of Manchester have recently started buying from Manchester Veg People, giving hundreds of students access to fresh local veg every day. Food in Residence, have recently achieved the Food for Life Catering Mark Bronze award, and Manchester Veg People is proud to have helped them to achieve the award.

Public Sector Testimonials

“We really enjoy working with Manchester Veg People. Having access to the freshest possible vegetables, all grown locally, allows us to serve interesting, seasonal and, most importantly, top quality produce to our customers. We couldn’t ask for more. Plus, they’re really nice.” – Robert Jones, The Guild Hall

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