Who We Are

Manchester Veg People play a unique role in the sustainable food revolution. We are a Manchester based co-operative working with local organic farmers, restaurants, cafes, and public sector organisations. We can provide you with the highest quality, most locally grown organic produce available.

Our vision is to establish a local organic food supply network in Greater Manchester. This is borne out by our everyday activities, selling local, organic produce to the Public and Private Sectors.

Simply put, we source & deliver exceptionally fresh, locally grown organic produce.

Why Choose Manchester Veg People?

Quality produce

Our growers understand the need for excellent produce and put real care and attention into everything they grow, ensuring that only the very best local produce reaches you.


At Manchester Veg people we work together to make it convenient to buy affordable, top-quality, locally grown produce.

From field to fork

It is our aim to have fresh produce delivered to you within 48 hours from being harvested.

Working in partnership

We work with our growers and customers to understand their needs are make sure they are met.

Be part of the movement

Play a real part supporting a locally grown, organic food system. One that is fairer and sustainable enough to rival the tragically wasteful, overly processed, global ‘food’ industry.

It's Time

To Join Us