The Growers

Producing beautiful organic food that is bursting with taste!


With Manchester Veg People, you don’t just know where your veg comes from – you know exactly who grows it and how.


To ensure our customers receive the very best quality organic produce, below is our growers’ commitment to ethical and organic farming:

  • Operate to Soil Association Standards
  • Building bio diversity
  • Natural fertilisers
  • Crop rotation
  • Truly fair trade produce
  • Working with Manchester Veg People to ensure our customers produce needs are met

Below are a select few of our local growers:

Glebelands City Growers

Glebelands is a pioneering urban growing project on the banks of the Mersey in Sale, producing organic food for consumption within Greater Manchester. Glebelands are Manchester Veg People’s, specialist salad growers and their salad leaves are the pride of many a Manchester restaurant! They also provide Manchester Veg People with herbs, chard, rocket, beetroot, broad beans and courgettes.


FarmStart Manchester is a Kindling’s project and bridges the gap between volunteering with the Land Army, and becoming a commercially viable organic producer in Greater Manchester.The Kindling Trust launched FarmStart Manchester in March 2013 in partnership with Abbey Leys Farm, another Manchester Veg People growers. FarmStart is an incubator farm for new growers to trial their farming business ideas in a low-risk setting.