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At Manchester Veg People we work together to make it convenient to buy affordable, top quality, locally grown produce

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It is our aim to have fresh produce delivered to you within 48 hours of being harvested.


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Our growers understand the need for excellent produce and put real care and attention into everything they grow, ensuring that only the very best local produce reaches you.



We work with our growers and customers to understand their needs and make sure they are met.


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Be a part of the movement… Play a real part in supporting a fairer and more sustainable locally grown organic food system.

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We believe in a fair, sustainable, organic, local food economy

Manchester Veg People

Manchester Veg People are something different. We’re a multi-stakeholder co-operative formed of local organic growers and buyers. We are helping develop a new model for the local food supply chain. The primary aims of our work are to increase access to local produce and to create a large and stable market for the farmers who grow beautiful vegetables in the region. We sell local, seasonal produce to restaurants, caterers and public sector organisations in and around Greater Manchester. All our growers are passionate and committed to farming in an environmentally sound and sustainable way. And we reckon their skill and dedication shows through in their delicious produce.

Being a co-op means growers work together to ensure the greatest range of produce is available for customers. We share knowledge, skills and resources in producing the crops. Both the buyers and growers coordinate supply and demand. This minimises waste, strengthens trust and understanding, and helps to eliminate risk.

We are committed to a pricing structure rooted in the actual cost of production for our produce. It is essential that our growers receive a fair price for their produce and are not pressured to accept less than what it is worth. We are a not-for-profit distribution co-op. Profits made are not extracted. They have to be reinvested into the business to increase our impact on the local production of organic food.

Aims of Manchester Veg People:

  • To sell more organic fruit & veg across Greater Manchester and to encourage more growers to go organic.
  • To pay growers fairly for their produce.
  • To support local businesses and the local economy.
  • To show that it is possible to make the food supply chain fairer and more sustainable.
  • To look after our land and our resources by farming organically and reducing waste.
  • To increase cooperation between growers and buyers
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